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How to Configure the Java Application


Configure the application by adding

  • the database driver to the maven dependencies, in the pom.xml
  • the database URL to the src/main/resources/

Database Driver (pom.xml)

Navigate to pom.xml. Add the correct Maven JDBC Driver dependency.

pom.xml (Sql Server dependency)

<version>9.4.0.jre8</version> <!-- Note jre8, not jre11 or jre16 -->


Find the correct Maven Dependency by

Note: The dependency must be Java 8 compatible.

Database URL and Credentials

Navigate to src/main/resources/ Provide the URL and credentials for the database connection here.

# Database connection parameters = localhost
connection.port = 1433
connection.db = master
connection.schema = pii_tables
connection.user = username
connection.password = password
connection.driverClass =
connection.url = jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;database=master
file.encryptionkey =
sql.wrapper = "
  • Make sure to change sql.wrapper to backticks (`) when using a MySql database. Other databases may use double quotes "
  • If mapping files are encrypted, provide your own file.encryptionkey