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DBmasker Services


DBmasker provides you with the following services:

  1. DBano (free)
  2. DBmasker (free)
  3. DBimport (free)

They all require login to access.


The free service DBano is a file generator. It takes an .sql file as input and generates an .ano file as output.

  • The .sql file is meant to contain the database definition. I.e. the DDL of CREATE table statements and their constraints. We support the main database provider dialects.
  • The .ano file will describe your database definitions in the ANO language.


The free service DBmasker is a Java Application generator. It takes an .ano file as input and generates a .zip as output.

  • The .ano file will contain your database definitions in addition to the anonymizing Tasks and Rules.
  • The .zip file will contain a fully working Spring Boot Java 8 application running on Maven. By running this application, it will perform the anonymizing Tasks and Rules on your database.


The free service DBimport is a standalone generator that takes an .sql file as input and provides you with the Java entity classes for all tables described in the .sql file.